Road Building. Home. Commercial. Agricultural.

We provide road building and access installation or remodelling to your property, we have to date successfully completed residential access roads, agricultural roads, car parks and driveways and large commercial projects throughout Clare. Our team provide quality workmanship, delivering on time and more importantly on budget.

Site Clearance. Waste Removal. Muck Removal.

We are authorised to remove construction and demolition wastes from sites and dispose of them at our licensed and registered site.

We are fully licensed and permitted, we have all the machinery necessary to clear your site, with years of experience in site levelling and excavating sites with minimal disruption, safely, efficiently and most importantly cost effectively.

We have our own licensed tip and can provide all the documentation required

Land Clearing. Land Clearance. Land Reclamation.

We have various size machines available for land clearing, starting with our 3 ton mini digger with mulcher, we have an 8.5 ton digger with mulcher and a 130 excavator with mulcher. We offer land clearing, land reseeding, power harrowing, land rolling, land drainage, gorse mulching and ditch mulching.

Foundations. Home. Commercial. Agricultural.

  • Foundations are primarily aimed at strengthening the structure of the house, retaining wall or commercial building.
  • Having well-built foundations is the key to a lasting structure.
  • Our expertise is in the design & building of foundations, be it a new house, finish floor, retaining walls, new garage, or other.

Home Percolation. Commercial Percolation.

At Clare Groundworks we have worked with a variety of percolation applications. We undertake the full percolation task, from installing your biocycle tank right through to project completion. We use guaranteed systems from trusted suppliers.

Home Demolition. Commercial Demolition.

We have a range of excavators ranging from 3 ton up to 23 ton, with a fully licensed tip and waste disposal permit and our own lorries at hand for waste removal and material installation, we are fully insured for a range of demolition extractions.

Mulching. Residential. Commercial. Council.

We offer machine operated mulching with 3 ton mini digger and flail mulcher, 8 ton excavator and mulcher and 14 ton excavator and mulcher. Our 3 ton mini digger and mulcher is tailored for smaller domestic hedge trimming, our 8 ton digger and mulcher can mulch larger hedges and both commercial and domestic projects, both machines are on rubber tracks to protect your driveway. Our larger 14 ton excavator and mulcher is for mostly agricultural work, gorse cleaning and land reclamation.

Land Drainage. Lawn Drainage. Drainage Solutions.

We specialise in lawn improvement and lawn maintenance with several drainage solutions for all type of wet and marshy landscapes, providing affordable options for your agri land or domestic lawn. We excavate and remove if necessary, old materials and supply and install all drainage applications, to minimise flooding and water pooling.

Retaining Walls. Concrete Bays. Reinforced Walls.

Clare Groundworks team have decades of experience in retaining wall installations, both domestic and commercial projects, from the start of project at the planning stage, to foundation stage, all the way to completion stage.

Concrete Works. Home. Commercial. Agricultural.

We provide concrete installation to suit your budget, we have to date successfully completed house finish floors, agri yards, home driveways and commercial concrete projects. Our team provide quality workmanship, delivering on time and more importantly on budget.

Driveways. Residential. Commercial. Council.

We provide full driveway clean up and installation to suit all budgets, we have to date successfully completed home driveways, agri yards, commercial driveways and commercial car park projects. Our team provide quality workmanship, delivering on time and more importantly on budget.

A little more about us..

Formed in 2009 we have vast experience in soft and hard landscaping, concrete works, retaining walls, car parks, road planning and building, raft and strip foundations, land and lawn drainage, civil works, percolation and water / waste management. We will advise on the most effective and efficient methods for your project, email us today with a short description of your project so we can arrange a site visit.

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